Crosman ZombieFunKit 4 Pstl, 4 SftyGls, BBs, Trgt


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Crosman ASZFK Zombie Fun Kit. Train for the zombie invasion and keep your skills sharp with the Zombie Fun Kit!


– Four spring powered clear and black airsoft pistols, each with a different colored pistol grip
– Four, 400 count packages of airsoft BBs
– Four pairs of safety glasses
– Sixteen paper zombie targets, four designs
– One airsoft target trap that collects BBs for convenient cleanup


– .12 gram BB Velocity: Up to 325 fps
– Caliber: 6 mm
– Barrel Type: Smooth Bore
– Front Sight: Fixed Blade
– Rear Sight: Fixed Notch
– Magazine: Magazine
– Material: Synthetic
– Power Source: Spring
– Safety: Lever
– Stock Style: Pistol
– Weight: 0.50 lbs.


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