Night Owl Optics Tactical Night Vision Goggles


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Enhance your vision with these Night Owl Optics NOBG1 Tactical Binoculars. Optimized for low visibility settings, they feature comfortable head mount gear that allows the unit to function alone or as a set of hands-free goggles. The head mount gear also includes a convenient flip-up feature that lets you move the night scope out of your line of vision when it is not in use. These IR binoculars require two N batteries to operate. They offer an extra-wide field of view of at 1,000 yards and come with an automatic light-protection sensor that shuts off the unit if it is ever overexposed. Built to withstand heavy use in the most demanding situations and equipped with real-time 1x magnification, these tactical binoculars with night vision make an ideal addition to your existing gear.

* Automatic light-protection sensor shuts off IR binoculars if overexposed
* Use hands-free with headmount or unattached as binocular
* Real-time 1x magnification
* Weight: 14.1 oz.
* Lens diameter: 20mm
* Field of view at 200′: 116′
* Machine aluminum construction


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